Camping: Do You Love It Or Hate It?

In my family, we have camping enthusiasts and camping haters. My other half, kids, and I like to go outdoor camping. My mom simply looking at me whenever I speak about an approaching camping trip and asks why I desire to leave my brand name brand-new home that has a brand name new bed with a brand name brand-new mattress so that I can go over sleep the woods on a mattress I fill with air. Being the articulate person I am I say, “Due to the fact that it’s fun.”

It’s tough to describe to a non camper how unwinding it is to be exposed air all day at a camping site with miles of trails to hike and bike; or by a lake to go swimming, boating, or fishing in.

I inform my Mama how it’s enjoyable to explore the location trails; taking a look at the views, the vegetation, and the wildlife. Throughout a current camping journey an evening bike ride brought me within 10 feet of a child deer out with its mother. It’s tough to explain how enjoyable it is to be able to see something like that.


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