Rent Rebate – Get Cash Back

Find your best apartment by browsing online or by filling in our query form. Obtain a listing of houses based upon your requirements with move in specials, floor plans, photos, maps, schools and prices! Check out the properties as well as ensure to list Flats Rent Refund as your Home Locator on your Guest Card and Application, this will certainly guarantee you obtaining your Rental fee Rebate around $350. Likewise place the name of the locator that aided you. Relocate into your new area and also allow us recognize by filling out the Discount Claim Form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute. We Confirm your lease, Process the discount and Send your Rent Rebate to You. No extra waiting time or delays.

Apartments rent out refund as a qualified real estate brokerage firm that helps apartment neighborhoods and also landlords discover you the occupant while helping you discover the ideal location for rent. Like all house situating solution and realtors we obtain a commission.


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